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As a parent we all like to see our children progressing in every sphere of life, isn’t it? We can go beyond all boundaries to make sure that our kids lead a blessed and prosperous life. There is not only one factor, rather there are multiple things which are responsible for our child’s success in life. Things which we can think of and also the things we never even wondered about.

Don’t be surprised if we say that vastu is one of those things! No, we are not talking superstition but vastu does create a lot of impact in your children’s life. How? We know that it is their room where they  learn, discover, enjoy and recreate things. So, proper placement of things instills positive thinking in their mind to work harder and make them cheerful.

Let’s take some time out to convert our child’s room with vastu set of rules. Here are some basic tips for vastu of your child’s room:

  • Direction of room- It is always advisable to construct children’s room in the west direction. If not the west, then what? Well, apart from west you can also consider northeast, and southeast directions.
  • Colour scheme- Choose some colour which exhibits freshness and peace. Green can be a great choice, it is believed to increase brain power as well.
  • Selection of lighting- Lighting can have a great effect on our child’s health and mental status. We don’t say that, but the vastu experts do! Therefore, place up-lighters in the southeast corner of children’s room, it will promote the good health of your child. What to avoid? Give some rest to those sharp lights in your child’s room, they can create mental strain.
  • Installation of doors and windows- Try to locate the door in the east or north direction, while the windows can be ideally placed in the east and north direction of the room.
  • Placement of furniture- The experts recommend to keep the furniture a few inches away from the wall, so that it allows the flow of positive energy. One of the most important items of furniture-bed should be placed in the southwest corner.
  • Fixation of mirror- Make sure that the mirror placed in your child’s room doesn’t reflect the bed in the room. So it is always advisable to fix it either on the left or the right side of the bed.
  • Placing TV and Computer- Place them only if it’s necessary. Okay kids, don’t be angry at us! It’s what the vastu suggests! Well, if it is actually that important, place TV in the southeast corner and the computer in the north direction.
  • Location of study table- This is the point for sure you guys must have been awaiting! You want your child to do really well in studies, right? Locate his/her table in a way that your child’s head faces the east corner. It will pave the way for enhanced concentration.
  • Avoid lamps- Check out your child’s room. Have you installed a lamp on the study table? This is a strict no. The experts recommend not to use lamps on study tables.
  • What about the center?- Well, you really don’t have to think much about the décor of the central portion of your child’s room! This place should be kept empty always.

We might have not considered following vastu in our kids’ room till now. But actually, vastu shastra is equally important for our kids’ room as well. Since, now you are aware of these tips, let’s try and implement them. Hopefully they bring out effective results!

Tell us if you agree with the importance of vastu in your kids’ room. We would love to note what the young parents think about it. We are awaiting your answers!

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