A Feng Shui LIVING

Crazy roommates, noisy traffic, and that growing pile of dirty laundry contribute well enough to an improper living space. The good news? Well, everything can’t be under our control, but there are small things that can be changed and can help us to get our life in good shape.  Revealing an ultimate idea of living, Feng Shui is the word.  Although it is an ancient system of balancing our home surroundings, there are lot of Feng Shui fans among us as well.

Incorporating some of the Feng Shui items in their living has changed the life of many. If you are kind of unhappy about certain ongoings in your life you can practice Feng Shui style of living. You never know, when it can add some miracles to your life! Where to begin from? Well, here is the alleged guide on creating a happier, more harmonious living through the eyes of Feng Shui. Take a look!

  • Bed- Do you know we spend quarter to a third of our lives on our bed? Indeed a great fact, but greatest is the Feng Shui’s perspective which suggests that it is the place where all the miracles happen. And why not, if the correct placement of bed offers better sleep and all the health benefits come along with it. After all, ‘Health is wealth.’ According to Feng Shui, the ideal bed location is diagonally opposite the door, and you should have a clear view of a room and the door.
  • Lighting– As per Feng Shui, light represents yang energy, which promotes feelings of happiness and inspiration. Maximize the energy that comes directly from nature. What if the room lacks natural light? In such case, a warm-colored desk lamp and a floor lamp can be used to increase the ambient light.
  • Clutter- Remember from your childhood days what your mother used to remind you about? Yes, the most basic tip of healthy living, de-clutter. Living in a thrash can invite a lot of negative energy, whereas an organized space helps the positive energies to flow. So what are you waiting for? If you want to nurture new relationships, now is the time to give up on those old photographs of your ex-lovers under your bed. Clear the clutter- stat!
  • Plants- Looking to crack that million dollar deal? Try a small bamboo plant on the desk, it might just give you a boost in the right direction. They say that the plants represent growth, prosperity, and good luck. Since there are lot of fancy indoor plants available in the market, so folks you can retrieve benefit from a hint of nature in your space.
  • Colour- Which of these five elements you fall under- wood, fire, earth, metal or water? Use your date-of-birth to determine it. Depending on it you can choose the colours for your surroundings. For instance, if you’re a fire energy person, the colour green would be ideal to balance you. Generally, yellow is ideal to optimize liveliness and cheerfulness, whereas blue and lavender can help soothe stress. And when it comes to overall peace and stability, earth tones may be the best.

It only takes small changes to your home to experience the big shifts in your life. Give your home the art of living  and your quality of life will improve automatically!

What Feng Shui items have you tried? Do you believe in Feng Shui power? Let us know in the comments below

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