Cosy home décor ideas for Winter

Winter is coming fast and depending where you are in the world, it can get rather chilly! It can be difficult to change your home around for the different seasons throughout the year, especially with little time or money. But it doesn’t have to be much of a hassle, just a few extra touches to make it appear more winter-like and practical.

To make it easier, we have thought of a few nice ideas to make you home feel extra cosy and warm during the winter months.

Winter Throws: We all love a good cuddle on the sofa and why not make it extra comfy with some warm winter throws. These are usually fairly cheap and you may already have some tucked away in the cupboards. Choose some winter colours such as white, grey or black to get in the mood. They can be used in the living area to be used whilst catching up with the TV and also in the bedroom for the extra cold nights and to give you room a bit more style.
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Candles: Candles can really help to heat up a room, both literally and visually. The bright warm colours make it extra cosy in the dark winter nights, and also create a nice aroma. Try scented candles for an extra home touch and to create good smells, your guests will be sure to come back!

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Warm floors:We have all had the horror of stepping out onto a cold, hard tiled floor without shoes during the winter, it isn’t the most cosy feeling! If you don’t have carpet in your home already, it’s a nice idea to have some rugs or mats on the floor to make walking around extra comfortable, and of course, more bearable! Choose an extra fluffy one for your bedroom to make getting out of bed easier, or larger rugs for your living area or big spaces. 10e701_d0b3

Decorations:Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or simply for winter it’s always nice to decorate the house to get into the festive season. You can find many different wall hangings, reefs, ball balls, ribbon or anything else to place around the house and make it extra special!

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Wood:Wood always gives off a warm feeling and reminds us of cosy log cabins and keeping the fire going during the cold nights. Handmade wooden items are easy to make and great if you enjoy a rustic style in your home. Try some of these Italian wooden lamps this season!


What do you do in winter to keep your home extra cosy? We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas.

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