What differentiates a ‘truly stunning’ minimally designed interior from an ordinary,minimally designed interior? From a room that’s decently rich rather than plain and boring? It is the right minimal mix. Honestly telling, we can never let you do something in a traditional fashion. We want your home décor to be unique and fun. You know what the real fun is? Yeah, it’s being different.

Sure shot, we know that creating  a simple space isn’t hard, but balancing them with key design ingredients takes a lot of thought. So we have queue some secrets to pull off the right minimal mixes.  Here they are, revealed!

  • Be strict with balance, proportion and other basics- When space doesn’t have a lot of actual items in it, it is very obvious that even small detailing would catch the eye of the visitor to the house. So you have to be very strict with basic design rules like balance, proportion and harmony.  Make sure that the visual weight of the room should be balanced, nothing should be too big or too small. And of course, even though furnishings do not match each other, they should at least coordinate with one another.
  • Choose quality over quantity- When you are going to splurge on minimal décor items, make sure you go for the products that are high on quality and well made pieces. Don’t run after the things straight from catalog, rather find your unique pieces.
  • Make small touches- Now this entirely depends on your creativity and understanding, so listen carefully! Find something that you don’t notice at first glance in a room, but something that adds richness without adding to clutter. Try adding some embroidered element on your favourite
  • Stick to neutral tones- The mother nature and its sophisticated space, feels so refreshing, isn’t it? So why not embrace those soothing colours in your home surroundings as well?
  • Light has its share- It is very important to know when your light comes into your house and the way it presents itself. You can use different window treatments to adorn your house with natural light in different directions. Otherwise, find that one spectacular fixture for your space, that would be just enough!

Some tips, some commitments, only few things are required to create a stunning minimally designed interior. We shared our secrets with you, it’s your turn to tell us that how do you make your minimal spaces look gorgeous. Answer in the comments below

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