With the arrival of July, the grey clouds have covered the sky, hiding the sunshine. Monsoon is such a relief, right? Well, it surely is! But make sure to take the best care of your skin as you splash through the rain puddles. And similarly, add some glamour to your home because these days can make you spend most of the time indoors. So, make sure that you completely enjoy the warmth of your home when the rain outside leaves no option for you to go and chill!

Here goes the easy tips and tricks:

  • COLOUR THERAPY – Introduce some vibrant colors to your living room and other portions of the house. Use colorful cushion, and rugs; add coasters to bring some fun onto a dining table bring in some fun and enjoy monsoon with endless rounds of laughter, chatter, and coffee.
  • FLOWERS – A nice way to breathe some freshness to your surroundings – a quaint vase with dozens of lightly fragrant flowers. Flowers are a dose of refreshing happiness, so when you can’t go out in your garden and have a pleasant sight of these flowers, place them in your living room.
  • CUTLERY – Pull out that attractive cutlery set from your hidden spaces. Monsoon is just so good time to bring the chef out of you. So get ready with the correct tools to have a great dining experience with your family! Cook something scrumptious. How about pakode with chutney? Yummilicious!
  • SCENTED VOTIVE – Outside your abode, you can smell the cheerful aroma of wet mud, but inside you can get depressed with not-so-good smell of moisture. Do some experiment with scented votive to keep your home fragrant and refreshing.
  • MUSIC– And when you think, it’s high time to be indoors- play your favorite music, go out and enjoy some rain dance! Chak dhoom, dhoom…chak dhoom, dhoom…..

Hence, add some fun and passion to your grey monsoon days. Monsoon is always a fun- even if you have to spend it inside your home!

Tell us, how do you make your day cheerful on a rainy day?


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