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Didn’t you go on vacations, this summer? Well, there’s of plenty of summer left to continue vacationing. Don’t worry if you cannot go out! Instead of going away on vacations why not bring home some resources that could help you to bring some stay, play, and fun right at your own place.

Designers know how to make the most of the season with the help of correct home décor accents. Phew! I have dug out some designer secrets to make your home, an ideal spot for the summer season. Here is the list of some home décor accents that you need to own, this summer.

  • ARRANGE A WARM LIVING ROOM: Living room furniture must be most comfortable. Put in your best creativity to design your living room. Add rugs, pillows, a nice music system for entertainment. A perfect lighting accent such as votive would complete the feel. Now, enjoy a blissful evening time in your living room, enjoying your favorite drink and music, in the company of warm votive light. A heaven on earth for summers, isn’t it?
  • FOR LITTLE ELEGANCE, USE SOME CRYSTAL WARE: You may consider them outdated, but unique pieces of décor crystal ware could be just what you need to add some pizazz and grace to your home. How about bringing in home classic looking Shama-dan? Illuminate your home in a different style. Add some drama, and magical sparkles that would fleck around your home. Give your space something ‘shandaar’, such as crystal ware.
  • ACCESSORIES ARE THE DETAILS THAT MAKE OR BREAK ANY SETTING: Coasters are the perfect table top accessories for anytime, lot of hues can be added to the boring dining table in the form of different coloured coasters. How lovely! Similarly, napkin rings are new, in vogue, table accessories. Napkin rings are timeless table accents that will take your breath away!
  • KEEP YOUR GARDEN BURGEONS: Do you have trouble keeping beautiful flowers in your garden, alive and blooming in hot summer days? Bring in home all those fresh, alluring flowers. Put them in some fancy looking vases; teamed together- a vase and flowers, they will breathe some natural life to your surroundings, ethereal.
  • WOODEN SERVE WARE ARE MUST HAVE: When was the last time you pampered yourself? In summers, don’t forget to do it every day. Treat yourself with healthy fruits, each evening. When served in beautiful wooden bowls, the refreshing fruits would look appealing to your kids as well. So invest in good looking, wooden serve ware in summer.

Sing summer praises as you install these beautiful home accents in your home. This weekend, make sure you invest your time in making your home summer-ready. Implement the style before it becomes the talk of the town and highly common!

If you have something to add, that would be great. Keep sharing your ideas and thoughts till we come up with more alike ideas!
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