What did you just say? Gifts! Yes, LOVE THEM! We all get twinkled eyes (exhilarating with joy) on listening to such a delightful word, isn’t it? It can make anyone’s smile wider, right? So, if you are destined for a weekend lunch party at a friend’s place, you must have planned a nice gift for the hostess, right? Well, it is always a bad idea to show up empty handed to the person who has been kind enough to invite you for lunch. No matter how small your gift is, it will bring a cheerful smile on the hostess’ face, for sure!

So, what gift does your angel suggests you for the hostess?  Of course, there are plenty of options, but your gift must be something that your hostess would love to receive.

Here, after a good amount of research, we have compiled fabulous 5 ideas for gifts which generally make every hostess delighted, on receiving it. Try one of these gift ideas for the summer hostess.

  • A SET OF COASTERS: Coasters make a perfect lunch- party gift. They are necessity of every home. So, why not add some charm to your hostess’ table?
  • SERVING CUTLERY’S SET: Turn her casual cutlery into trendy serving cutlery . A perfect set of cutlery can add a distinct touch of class to your dining experience. So, cheers to a never ending party!
  • ANTIQUE FLOWER VASE: Summer is the right time to bring in some flowers. Share the idea with the hostess as you present her an antique flower vase. Breathe some freshness to her abode!
  • A PAIR OF EARRINGS: For girls, something worth screaming over! Just a piece of beautiful jewellery is needed to make her day. A traditional kundan meena earrings can perfectly accessorize her summer wardrobe, with style!
  • CANDELABRUM: No longer do we place burning candles on our tables. So, candelabrum can be a fully hearten usable gift for your hostess. Believe or not, it is a unique gift idea that would be treasured for years to come. Imagine, she would remember you every time she would light a candle in the summer evening!

Little digging can be so useful, isn’t it? We absolutely love these gift ideas and with their help, you are going to make someone so…so…happy!

If you have anything to add to the list, you’re most welcome!

Bon  Appétit :)

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