Buying so many presents for large families is not at all a good idea. Why not gift something to all of them in a single shot? How? Well, sometimes it is a gift for entire family that makes everyone happy!Big-group gifts that will sweep an entire family off, all at once. And save you credit-card bill that will make you happy, too.

So be it  the occasion of ‘graha pravesh’ or festivals like- Holi, Diwali, or Christmas, a right family gift can rock any occasion. Bring the family together for fun and memory making!

We have compiled a list of such family gift which are good for all seasons. Let’s check them out:

  • FRAMED SNAPSHOT – Take a beautiful photograph of that family and convert it into an awesome piece of gift by placing it in a photoframe. Your gift will be reminiscent to those precious times, the family has spent together. And there could be nothing better than a ‘gift of memories.’
  • CANDELABRUM – Because they have children in the house, it is better to gift candelabrum which ensures safe lighting of the candle. Also for a romantic couple, candel stand that exude love and romance is just so perfect gift.
  • ANTIQUE GLASS CRAFTS – We look through our glass windows, but never wondered if the crafts made out of the same glass could be so beautiful. Well, they can be! Indian artisans are known for creating beautiful glass crafts and what can be a better option than gifting somebody a glass craft that can add to the beauty of home of the members living in it. Consider giving glass vases, or antique glass jars.
  • COASTERS – From grandparents to children everyone enjoys having coasters on their dining table. While they can protect the age’s old dining table, they can also be a great playful thing for children. Haven’t you seen children rolling them all over the table, chuckles!
  • VOTIVE – Families could relax together in a living room bathed with votive lighting. Let their living room feel the love, and the family would surely bless you for those good and peaceful moments.

Well, these were some of our favorite picks, we hope you like these suggestions too. And a useful tip; always consider the children, their ages, and likes and dislikes of the family members. You will never get confused with the selection of gift!

What else can be a good family gift? Share your thoughts.

GOOD LUCK, with your family gift selection!

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