If home is to be defined in the best way, Michael J. Rosen’s quote is just so beautiful: “Home is the place that goes where you go, yet it welcomes you upon your return. Like a dog overjoyed at the door. We’ve missed you is what you hear, no matter how long you’ve been gone.”

Your home is something that exemplifies who you are. Now, before you continue with this article, sincerely take a look at your dwelling place. Is it the way you wanted it to be? If no, you should definitely read this article, and if it’s yes… good job done! But you must still read the forthcoming to make sure that your choice is in sync with the latest home styling trends. And of course, there’s no harm in taking good suggestions if they come for free. Isn’t it? So, here are the 7 quick tips for home decoration which will help you to transform your house into ‘your home:’

You do not need to wait for power failure to light up the candles


Remember the old times when keeping candles at the right place was just so necessary. Although inverters have made your life much easier, sometimes it is necessary to give your eyes a rest from flashy artificial lights. After a long day, lighting up the candles in ethereal tea light candle stands can add so much warmth to your place, helping you to forget all the hardships you have gone through the entire day. So, why not create your own oasis complete with candle lights.

Flowers will bring new colors to your home


You don’t have to be a gifted gardener to enjoy the freshness of lovely flowers! All you need to do is grab a nicely decorated flower pot for the empty corners of your place. As they say that flowers bloom hopes, keep your favourite flowers around, for it is the different colours that make our life interesting. On that note, different people too, winks!
Throw pillows are not such useless objectsCartoon-Animal-Fox-Paterns-Linen-Pillow-Case-Back-Cushion-Throw-Cover-Home-Decorative

Okay, you have used those cushions plenty of times to hit your silly fellows. But you can’t be so harsh on them every time! Go for designer and colorful throw pillows this time, so that their beauty inspires you to just give life, and strength of comfort to your neutral furniture, for throw pillows can that much needed dash of colour.

Embrace the feel of a luxurious lifestyle


Since you dream to be the owner of a king’s lifestyle, you need to start with the interiors of your house! Crystal wares can lend the royal and vintage look to your house. So you deserve such a luxurious feel for you are the king of your house.
What does Vastu says about mirrors?

If placed in right direction and place, Vastu suggests the mirrors are capable of attracting positive energies, and sucking up all negativities. The most important thing is that it should not have any distortions. So decorate the big empty walls of your home with beautiful square and rectangular mirrors which will also provide room for natural light.
Men’s sweetest friends are memories

Your photographs are your works of art, dress up the walls of your house with photo frames featuring your favourite photographs. Did you ever dream that the gilded antique photo frames could make your wall look so new?
Bring new life to your old dining table

The art and craft materials are sure to bring added interest to your home decor. The exotic handcrafted coasters are so trendy, that you might just save them to revive the beauty of your old dining table.

So next time when you get 2-3 days holiday, you know it’s time to bring your creative talent into action. You can also share with us if something interesting might just strike you in the midst of giving a new life to your house.

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