Bedroom partition: bedroom, studyroom and bathroom

Many of us might be living in a small house, where there is no separate space for our children to study. Usually in small houses, we have to manage studies in the bedroom . Thus, partition at this time matters! Some bedrooms have connected bathrooms as well. Therefore, here we shall discuss about creating effective partitioning between them.


Let’s find out some ways to come to the partitioning  for our bedrooms:

  • Headboard background wall- Headboard background wall is one of the most playful elements for any bedroom. It’s not just the background wall; it can also be the effective partition for bedroom and study. So, it’s time to tickle the brain and play cleverly with the tools of design and creativity.


  • Curtains- If you are on a budget and searching for a ways to separate spaces in your bedroom, cloth curtains are the best options! Thin and sheer clothing curtains can be hung from ceiling tracks to split a shared space and still let the light through. So let your children conquer the other half of your bedroom!


  • Bookcase- What is an ideal way to separate the bedroom and the study room? We think-it is a Why ideal? Because it avoids wasting space. It will give an appeal to the study room and also satisfy the reading needs of the bookworms. Bookcases are a great to assemble all the books at one place; it becomes convenient for you to pick your favourite book.


  • Mirror- A mirror room divider is a versatile tool as it can add an elegant touch to any room and divide a large space as well. Guess what’s the most exciting thing about mirrors? Yeah, they come in numerous styles and designs. So, you have plenty of options to choose from! You can place a large mirror box between the bed and the wardrobe to divide a dressing room out. By installing mirror as a divider in a bedroom, you can also make it look more spacious and contemporary.


  • Frosted glass door-A perfect partition tool for bathrooms. It can protect the privacy of people when they are having their baths . It is lighter and creates a better decorative effect. Besides, it has good light transmission, allowing more light into the room.


Hence, just because we own a small room doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy the desirable luxury. It just takes few creative ideas to make any place worth living.

If you know, you can add some more ways to it. Also let us know about them by posting your comments. And of course stay tuned to explore more interesting home decorating ideas with us. Because as they say, “Home is where the heart is!”

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