Are you looking for the perfect living room dividers? What if you are not fond of a solid wall? No problem. There are many other ways to create a  partition in the living space, and also add layering and protect privacy. Here we have collected for you the coolest room dividers:


  • Storage Rack- Room dividers with shelves are a smart way to redesign living spaces and separate living and working spaces. Modern and elegant storage racks allow adding beautiful decorations to interiors and using stash spaces for creative displays. Do you know what the best thing about them is? Storage racks are among the lightest room dividers, they do not make the space look crowded, and also they do not block the light.


  • Sliding Door- do you quarrel about the use of living space and the working space? Well and truly over. We have found the fitting solution for any room. Yes, we are talking about sliding doors! The sliding doors serve as practical room dividers. You can open and close them just according to your needs: turning one room into two, and then into one again.


  • Hollow out screen – Does your living room has poor lighting? Hollow out carved screen is the perfect solution in that case. Hollow out screen not only play the role of partitioning, but also can allow more light into the vestibule or the living room.


  • Decorative table-Small table with a small table top can act very well as a kind of furniture partitioning. It will not occupy much space, but have good partition effect. The decorative tables provide a finished partition, especially between the living room and vestibule.


  • Glass- So if you love glass decorations, you can use them as home dividers as well. Glass is the most commonly used partition material.  The decoration effect and light transmission of glass is excellent. Its color varies under different lighting. Hence, it is a beautiful way of  partitioning the living room.


Hence adopt these cool ideas instead of installing walls for partitioning purposes, for it is easier to move and dismantle partitions, whereas walls are impossible to change!

You can share with us about your favorite partitioning ideas. Stay tuned with us, next we have got the tips for bedroom partitions!

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