Footprints in the Sand of Time


The rat race that our life has become leaves not much room for us to savor precious moments of our life. We struggle to remember what we did last weekend, when did we meet our closest friends or who all attended that last party you threw for your birthday. Sometimes, we remember a few details but feel as if there was more to it than we remember and how good it would be to revisit those times and re-live the moments which define us.

 Well, there’s a way out. The good old practice of capturing & printing those countless pictures which we invariably take with our handhelds & Digicams. Those lovely pictures will always be a beautiful reminder of the cheerful times that you have spent with your loved ones. Undoubtedly, photos are an invaluable treasure of our happy moments. So, why not preserve them?


They say, “Things end, but memories last forever.” Each of those shots in your digital devices are a piece of your artwork. They are worth respect and a beautiful life. So, let’s just frame them! Frames are the “Cinderellas” of the art world; encapsulating the timeless bits of life. Before your photographs get into bad shape, or decay in digital format, just print them out, frame them and dedicate them to the beautiful walls of your house.

In a recent seminar, Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf gave a talk stating that the vast amounts of digital information may soon be lost in a new digital ‘dark age.’ Unless some new steps are taken, those digital versions may not always retain their crisp resolution, and may even be worse than the artifacts we have digitized. We don’t want it to happen to our priceless photographs, right?

So even if we have an ever increasing number of pictures, and we can’t frame them all (there are other home decors available as well), we can pick the best ones. The pictures that you never want to lose or the ones that are very close to your heart can be chosen to be displayed in frames and shared with family and friends.



With beautiful embellishments, and attractive borders, photo frames provide a rigid structure to our photographs, and hold the entire package together. Our crazy love for the photographs have given rise to so many alluring frames which are readily available in the market. The wooden photo frames, intricately designed metal photo frames, or the crystal photo frames, looking out for a story to narrate!

Whether it is your debut parental experience, or a taste of your own childhood memories, tread softly because you will be preserving footprints in the sands of time!




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