Giving Old doors new life

Look at that old door…. For years it has marked your comings and goings, shut out storms, and guarded against intruders. So now when it has turned old you can’t simply throw it off (after all emotions matter, winks!). Well, that could be a poor line, but the fact is that an old door of your house is not at all a useless entity. It can easily be revamped into pretty much anything useful. So, we have dedicated our post to a range of do able ideas to inspire you to primp an old door into something completely fresh and awesome-Enjoy and good luck!

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  • Salvaged door coffee table- Looking out for a coffee table for your upstairs living room? This time you do not need to throw down your money on it. The coolest reuse of an old door is to turn it into a coffee table. Make sure to keep your tool box and equipments ready to make the necessary trims, drills, and gluing. At last, paint it with the colour that complements rest of your furniture. Enjoy a morning tea or coffee on your new table!Screenshot (45)
  • Salvaged door bookshelf- A new home for your books! Design your bookshelf out of an old door. Mix and fix the pieces (take tutorial help from Google baba), bring your creativity into full swing. Paint the new born with bold colours, you could be just so amazed with your beautiful production!   door
  • Salvaged door privacy screen- Privacy screen, a beautiful backdrop for the outdoor décor. All you need to do is paint some doors in your favourite colour, you can apply same colours as that of flower pots and chairs. Isn’t it a very easy to do project for your outdoor space?Screenshot (46)
  • Salvaged door porch swing- What are you planning to gift your mom on Mother’s day? If confused, some interesting DIY projects can be of your great help. Combine an old table top and an antique door to make a perfect swing. All it takes is a little bit of effort in cutting, drilling, and fixing. Ta daa!! Your mother’s day gift is just here. And the best part is your mother won’t be the only one enjoying this brilliant gift, winks!porch+swing+pic+3
  • Salvaged door mirror- Why to invest huge sums on buying antique mirrors, when you can create one at your home? Create an attractive, full length mirror using a salvaged door in a day time. Use the  door as  the frame of the mirror. Just the heavy use of adhesive is required. Indeed, a great way to put a junk door into use.


Whoa! These ideas are truly an instant hit. Try them and welcome new, yet old furniture into your space, after all ‘old is gold’.

Also tell us which of these ideas you have liked the most. We are awaiting your feedback!

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