Gorgeous DIY Coaster Ideas


Are you gearing up to host a dinner party this Sunday? You, must be then done with a big to-do checklist. Indeed, a great start. So, what all equipments have you kept on your list for table scaping? Don’t forget the coasters, they are in vogue. Coasters will protect your table from the dirty stains or ring of that juice glass, and also are a great way to add pop to the décor of your table.

What! Is there not much time left for shopping? It’s okay, this is the golden opportunity to wear your creative gloves. We have scoured through heaps of information to find out the most amazing DIY coaster ideas. So let’s make some to suit our style, and our home, also adding fun to our party table.

We have got some super easy DIY ideas, which will be less time consuming. These are inexpensive and just need some of those materials, which at times you throw in the dustbin. What do we call them? Waste materials, ohh wait! They are no more waste materials. Let’s create useful coasters from them. The essentials in all cases are: glue, a pair of scissors, or a knife. So, ready? Here we go:

Nautical sisal rope coasters-  Coil up the rope tightly, gluing them the whole way around. Decorate them with your favorite designs, and make them as big or small as you want.

Tile coasters- Dig that tile out from your bathroom’s floor. Lol, just kidding. Get a ceramic tile and clean the surface thoroughly with water and soap. So, now that its clean and shiny, it is a great platform to bear your art. Draw patterns and designs using sharpies, pick combinations of dark and contrasting shades. Use eyedropper to drop some pools of alcohol to the tile, let it dry for sometime. Now, you need to be a little patient, as this might take up some time. Once, its dry, seal it with a fixative first. After that, use a varnish to give it a glossy coat. Shine,baby, shine!

Soda can coasters – Isn’t it too hot? Why not grab a can of coke? Gulp, ahh! It feels refreshing to the throat. But wait, don’t throw that can away. That can be your next coaster. Rinse the can before you begin your operation on it. Then take some tin snips, cut off the top and the bottom ( be very careful as these cans are too sharp). Save as much of the flat part, so as to get a nice square for your coasters. Using a lot of glue, stick it onto 4 by 4 inches tiles. Wohooo! Your exclusive soda can coaster is ready.

Cork coasters- A perfect chic and practical coaster! Assemble 8 similar sized corks, and form a basic layout before gluing. Make sure they are closely packed, and touching each other on all sides. Glue them using some strong adhesive. Dry them and clear the excessive glue, and they are ready for everyday use.

Curling ribbon coasters – To design this coaster, you should be a little patient. Grab a ribbon and roll it as tightly as you can. Once you’ve got a coil about a half inch in diameter, cut the ribbon off and use a tiny piece of tape to tape the ribbon on the side of the spiral. Now breathe a big sigh of relief, because the hardest part is done!

Let’s begin with the fun part. Pick remaining coloured ribbons and tightly wind them around and around the coil. Use couple of coloured ribbons, as you can tape the first end, and start the wrapping with other coil. Keep wrapping tightly. Your limit is your imagination! You can stop winding when you think it’s accurate. Now, coat them with polyurethane, so that you get a nice, thick, glossy finished ribbon coaster. You can also place a cork beneath it, to make it strong and look like an actual coaster. Undoubtedly, the prettiest, and the most beautiful are the ribbon coasters.

These coasters will definitely look good on your Sunday evening party table. These will certainly give your guests a great topic to talk on. Be ready, to showcase your creativity like never before!

Also, as usual, you need to tell us if you like these ideas, and what other DIY’s you’re looking for? Maybe we can help.

Till then, enjoy coasters crafting!

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