Hello Sunshine

Gone are the gloomy and dull winter days. Summers insure that we get bright sunny days with extended daylight. So its time to stack away dark gloomy or heavy accessories and give your home a bright sunny and breezy look. The right thing to do is firstly remove carpets or rugs from your living area and rearrange the furniture in a way that it gives an illusion of more open space. Remove heavy artwork from your walls , draw the curtains and let sunlight brighten up your walls. Add few indoor plants to the living area as they add natural appeal.

The best way to achieve summer time look is to add flowery throwaways on the sofa , adding bright floral candle stands or even vases thereby adding colour to a bright room.

image1 (2)

Brighten up the room with small art pieces , a wind chime near the window and see the difference. Place small intricate candle stands and for the diffuser use fresh summer scents such as ocean breeze or cucumber melon to add to the whole seasonal  aesthetic scene.

Summers are all about going casual and informal don’t use too much of ornamental pieces . Strategically placed simple silverware adds grace and elegance to any room. Interject bright summer hues such as yellows or vibrant pinks or even oceanic blues in the room and get an undeniable summer vibe.


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