Home Decor Ideas On A Budget


What? Home decoration incorporates huge expenses, really? Well, you might need to rethink on it when you have budget decorating tips and ideas from Homesake. We are dedicated to make a difference in your home design within your budget. We have got you the best handmade, chic-on-the-cheap home decorating products. Now, you can revamp your home within your budget, after all your dreams associated with your home are much bigger and important than your budget. Stick to the budget and get the prettiest home decor accents only. Here are some of the names that would not require you to break the bank and would still provide your home, a totally new avatar:

  • Antiques glass craft – Well, antiques come affordable more than ever at our store. No matter what theme you have installed at your place, our riveting collection of glass crafts will accentuate the beauty of the themed decor. Embellish the corners of your home with antique silver coated large pot, which when surrounded by candles throws beautiful shadows on the wall.

Antique Craft

  • Carved metal handicrafts – Our country has a rich culture of the handicraft items. We have made our collection out of the creativity and hard work of our artisans. The passion for their work is priceless, and so have we made our range of metal handicrafts friendly to every pocket. The exquisite patter of some handicraft products like hanging brass t light holder, lord vishnu on sheeshnag makes a perfect addition to your classic collection. Each of our collection has a personality of its own, adding pizazz to your home decor.

Metal Handicrafts

  • Drizzling crystal ware – The surface of the center table of your living room is vacant and looks very boring. Why not add some elegance to it, within the budget? The unique pieces of crystal ware from our collection can transform any table in great ways. Take a look at the crystal jewelry box in our collection, it inimitable charm will add a new dimension to any decor.


  • Photo frames– Your photos are a great embellishment for any bare wall. Let your walls embrace the memories that you have created over the years, let them embrace the story of your life, let them be decorated with the your beautiful pics retrospecting the bygone days. Frame them on walls, or place them on the side tables, they will be a perfect addition to any vacant place.

Photo Frames

  • Coasters – Reconsider your dining table! It might be trying to convey some message to you. The simplest and the cheapest idea to revamp your dining area is by adding some decoration to it. The awesome way to do it is by placing some coasters on it which are in vogue, napkin rings also look graceful, and will transform your dining way into a luxurious experience.


  • Cutlery- Adding to the decoration of the dining table, having the right tools placed on the table can make it invaluable. Not only they can be a great boost to one’s dining experience, but it is also add that touch of pizazz to your dining table.


So we already have incorporated easy-to-afford pieces in our collection and sticking to home decor ideas on a budget, we have listed the things which are very stylish and comes handy only at Homesake.in

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