Home decoration is an art.’ Who can best tell us about it than the home decorators themselves.

Since all of us do not have those creative hands and heads, we have dedicated this article to India’s top 10 home décor bloggers. We are obsessed with their posts, and surely you need to check them out. Their works of art might just sweep you off your feet. They are a true inspiration for all the aspiring interior decorators, and other people who love fashion, art, and culture. So, if you know them closely, they can be of great help to you and your home décor.

Here we share with you India’s 10 best blogs on art, home accessories and décor that you are sure to swoon over!

Rang DecorTop interior designers in Bangalore

The blog space handled by Archana Srinivas, wherein she shares interior design ideas from India. The best part is that her blogs can help us to derive Indian as well as global décor inspiration. She also shares her travel stories, so we can actually explore the different parts of the world through her blogs. Her stories are mostly about the off-beat locations, boutique-hotels, and quaint home-stays. Basically, the Rang Decor is all about the different colours of the writer’s life. It’s definitely got a lot to offer when it comes to jazzing up your home décor.tumblr_nb818f1l1I1tch720o1_1280

An Indian Summerinterior.04

A very well done web page including the posts related to the Indian designs and décor. ‘Jungle tales,’ a gorgeous article written by Bhavana Bhatnagar. Here she shares a story about her stay in a deep jungle, the heart of India, and the inspiration that she drew from the beautiful interiors of her room. She has shared some of the sneak peaks, displaying the tremendously alluring decorations of places where she stayed. She keeps on sharing such stories and promoting Indian decorators and their work.

Tune into this page, for the wonderful collection of photographs from her experience, for they might give you some click as well.wall-frames

The East Coast DesiHome-Decorating1

A creative and resourceful online space where you can get regular doses of colour and style inspiration. Sruthi Singh is the author of this web portal, and a multi faceted lady. She is truly a homemaker in every sense; a mother, wife, financial consultant, self-taught painter,small business owner, photographer, ever willing traveler, enjoy playing a décor stylist and interior decorator, and on top of all a fervent blogger at “The East Coast Desi”.

She loves sharing her home decorating experiences and experiments, via blog, with a spotlight on Indian and global décor influences. Her blogs are specially meant for those who want to soak in the global influences in the areas of design and décor, the culinary fields of art and arena. Her blogs are a great help to many aspiring décor enthusiasts, and she herself is a model for many other housewives.decorative-homes-home-decor-imagehome-decor-decorative-homes-home-decor-8-post


This blog was started in August of 2008. Since then, this place has been a testimony to all kinds of good things in life related to art, interiors and home décor.

Sajavat is handled by Sangitha Aanand. Although she has done post graduation in engineering, she still chose to be a design enthusiast. This lady believes that she gets inspiration from all the beautiful things and this is the reason she tastefully does designing of home and jewelery. Simultaneously, she addresses the online destinations for shopaholics. Her blogs also discuss different kinds of Indian handicrafts like embroidery, pottery, Madhubani, Pattachitra, Warli, etc.ambari-462x351

Design, Decor and Dishauber_hip_modern

One another fine blog spot for all the art lovers. As the name itself suggests, this blog is run by Disha. Not a professional artist or designer, yet she is too talented and a great help for many other budding home designers. Disha says that she finds solace in art. Thus, she is an artist at heart, and a designer in the making.

Her blogs are an initiative to provide people with information about exquisite works of art from around the world. She has made different sections for her blogs, comprising of DIY ideas, interior decorating ideas, displays of her artwork, and about other eminent artists. So, the creative minds out there can grab lot of help from Design, Decor and Disha.

Hence, an easy medium to remain updated about all the latest interior decorating trends.decorating-with-pink-2012-1-23-5-23-36

Chuzai LivingHomeDecor4

Chuzai is a Japanese word meaning ‘Expat’ in English. The blog was started in the year 2010 by Kaho, an expat in Mumbai. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Kaho has lived in many other countries as well. Interior designing is her passion, and she also attributes it to the essence of her happiness. Kaho runs her blogs, for she believes blogging keeps her sane.

Her blogs on Chuzai living is born out of her experiences in the cities she has lived in, or traveled to. Here she showcases her interests in fashion, design, travel, and food, and discoveries of living overseas.

So, Chuzai Living is really meant for you, if you have interest in different traditions and cultures.twilight-home-decor

 The key bunchwhite-book-shelf-elongated-living-room-decor

It is a lifestyle blog designed with a vision to add colour and meaning to the daily lives of the people. It features heart-stoppingly beautiful, aesthetic, and inspiring living ideas, for those people who are looking out for new ways to decorate their house.Key Bunch is a creation of utterly talented lady, Sharon DSouza. Sharon is a work-from home wife and a doting mother. She is passionate about certain décor styles and ideas, and also about saving the environment. Through this blog she aims to achieve a comprehensive one-stop info source for all the decor ideas, for the people who love doing their home by themselves. Overtime, the posts have been able to inspire others, for Sharon style of narration is totally appealing to the readers.decorating-with-pink-2012-1-23-5-23-36

What’s Your Home Story


She is a financial analyst by her profession, and a home décor/ DIY enthusiast by heart, she is Vidya. Vidya is the author of the blog ‘What’s your home story.’ Through her blogs she just not shares her learnings and ideas related to home décor or DIY, but also the recipes to various delectable food. The USP of her blog is that she presents the home decor ideas according to the seasons and holidays. So lot of updated home décor designs can be gained through her blogs. Also the tips and tricks, if practiced can be of great help. Lot of colourful photographs are attached with the stories, giving a gorgeous visual appeal to the blogs. Hence, the space seems very inviting to the readers.

Vidya believes that our home is like an empty canvas, much like a painting we can add character by adding layers. And so is the ultimate truth!


Sarah Sarna


This a New-York based lifestyle blog, devoted to inspired living. Sarah Sarna, the editor of this blog, has named it after herself, and started it in the year 2012. As an interior designer for over a decade, Sarah had successfully launched her design firms and blogs. Due to the separate successes of the two, in mid 2014 Ms. Sarna realized that she must focus 100% on either one or the other. Thus, Sarah was thrilled to become a full-time blogger.

You can easily avail 2-6 fresh articles/ week featuring fashion, beauty, home decor, and recipes centered around an inspired life. Hence, a complete informative blog space for ladies.


Celebrations Decor


Her love for Indian Architecture, Art ,Designs and Indian Interiors, gained by travel and reading, gave rise to celebrations Decor. She is the lady with ultimate creative thoughts, she is Dr. Lakshmi. Her blogs are a set of beautiful ideas traveling from her home to our home. She talks about the different styles of home decorating. Those who love to adopt distinct home decorating patterns must refer to her blogs.

Celebrations Decor is altogether a treasure of beauty and joy for our respective homes.

Hence, be excited and inspired as you load up on some superb ideas like never before! They will surely make your home as pretty as can be. Because, home is where the heart is!

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