Let Your Light Shine


“This little guiding light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,” what a lovely school rhyme! Don’t we all remember singing it during our school’s assembly time? But do we remember the meaning as well? When God created this earth, the first thing he said was “let there be light!” So, it not surprising we need light to help us in darkness, both literally as well as spiritually.

Those days are gone when candles and their stands were required when there was no electricity in the house, instead now we use candles for a variety of other recreational reasons. The purpose have totally changed and the most common use of lighting up candles these days is to create a warm and romantic ambiance. Since, we all take decorating our home pretty seriously, candles can be a nice option to adorn our house interiors, and make it the most revitalizing place after a long day of work. Imagine a mildly lit room with a candle where you are enjoying your coffee with soft music running in the background. Doesn’t the very thought take your stress away?


We do not really require fancy candles to turn our rooms into a haven of comfort & relaxation when chic looking candle stands can add the perfect flair to candles of all kinds. Candle stands are unique and in-vogue interior design elements. You might think now that you already knew about it, but hold on, we have got something more interesting for you. Have you ever considered a guide for buying candle stands? Check this one out.

Here are five fantastic guidelines which will help you buy the perfect candle holder –

Size and Type of candle– Most of the candle holders are created for specific kinds of candles. When you want to show the shape of a pillar candle that is molded into a star or other geometric shape, look for pedestal or plate pillar candle holders or wide glass candle holders. Other stylish candle holder designs for pillar candles are brass or metal canisters that allow the fragrance of the candle to drift into the air.

Place- The location of the candle holder is another essential factor determining the purchase of an appropriate candle stand. There are many unique kind of candle holders in the market, like wall candle holders and ceiling hanging candle holders. So now your candle stand will have a new place to reside other than the table.


Purpose- The reason for which you are using candle holders is equally important. If you are tired of paying those heavy bills and want to save some money on your power bill, select quality candle holders that enable the candle to provide the most light. Hurricane candle holders work well for illumination. If you enjoy the delicate fragrance of multiple scented candles, look for triple palm candle holders that concentrate the scent and spread it into the air as the candle burns. Tea lights create an aura of mysticism, and decorative votive light holder are often playful and fun.


Decor of the room– For a room with a rustic atmosphere wooden candle stands are the best choice. For your living room, tea light candle holders can lend a great finishing touch, adding whimsy to your décor. While decorating your home for a formal occasion, antique silver finish candle-bras can offer a warm welcome to your guests.


Accessories– When you shop for candle-holders, look for matching accessories. To keep your candle holder looking like new and free of candle drippings, pick up wax remover when you buy the candle holder. Check to ensure that the wax remover is suitable for the finish of the candle holder.

These considerations are quick and will help to narrow your choices while choosing your favorite candle holder. Here’s a secret- it is better to invest in a good candle holder with a longer shelf life rather than buying expensive candles which melt right there. So, make sure to buy fancy candle-holders for all kind of candles you use, when mounted on alluring stands, they will light a shine of sophistication.

So, this was our take on candle-stands. But you too can share your all-time favorite candle holders, and the way you let your light shine. We would love to hear from you!


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