Stylish yet Budget DIY Ideas To Provide Your Home a MAKEOVER


For the nearing summer vacations you don’t have any interesting things to do in the list?
Why not, let your creative juices flow as you utilize the time to give a fantastic makeover to your home. Great things always doesn’t come expensive, as we have got you these cheapest ‘Do it yourself hacks‘ that will liven your home.

Make your Mini light bulb an Oil Lamp


A burned out light bulb will take on a second life as you make your own light bulb with the help of a shoe lace, bottle cap and some oil. Thread your shoe lace/ cotton wick in your bottle cap and pull it through. When you are done, you will have a lamp that resembles an old-school oil lamp. Be proud! for you have prepared the lamp which costs you less than a ‘fiver’.

Create a cute plastic bottle planter 


A creative DIY plant container is so much fun to make! Cut the bottom half of a plastic bottle, make 2-3 holes at its base so that water can drain when you are watering the plant. With the help of caps, glue eyes and nose to the plastic bottle container. AHA! A cute addition to your garden area is right here.


Knit cushion covers from your old sweaters


So if you are planning to discard your old sweaters, hold on for a moment. You can turn them into a decorative cushion covers, adding a warm texture to your winter living room or bedroom. Isn’t it a lovely idea to reuse your worn out, yet favorite sweaters?


 Light up your house with jar chandeliers


Do not buy, but customize your own chandeliers. Get ready with your tools box to nest those wires, light bulbs, nuts and washers into the Mason jar. Add spice by hand painting a few Jars with various colors.A little effort will help you to own a chandelier for your living space without costing an arm an a leg.

 Milk cartons can be turned into a storage box


Remember your art and craft classes in the school? Manufacturing storage boxes out of milk cartons was so much fun. All you need is a pretty paper, pair of scissors, glue, some embellishments, and of course a milk carton. Awaken the artist in you, do creative fixings to create and customize your storage box.

 Craft unique bottle cap curtains


Think twice before throwing away something as small as those bottle caps. You have no idea, how this useless thing can be converted into a valuable commodity. Gather loads of bottle caps, and a good fevistick to cluster them on a string. Make many such hangings to call it a special curtain. Do not forget to mark a tick on patience, as you prepare its ingredients list!
Imagination knows no bounds, and on top of all we are Indians. Our art form inspires us to convert waste materials into the best products. Give a makeover to your home in an unusual, yet stylish way.

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