Summer color splash



Summers are colorful and vibrant. Cool colors are the gist of the summers. Summer colors are tropical, natural and soft.  We usually use various shades of blue, lavender, yellow and other pastel shades. Summers are bright so the colors we use must be neutral to create a color balance. Bright colors are not suggested for summers. We must always prefer colors which are not disturbing to our eyes. Bright colors like orange and red are definitely not a good choice for the summers. Also the darker shades are not preferred. On the bright summer days we usually prefer wearing light shades. Our house also requires the same. Color balance is one of the principles of has to be kept in mind before we decide the colors for the home décor. Season has a great effect on the choice of colors. So, the color of the curtains, walls and the decorative items also gets affected. You may love to stay in a dark room in winters but the same room may irritate you in summers.


Human eye requires a balance. Coming back to home after a tiring sunny day and entering into a place full of bright things is not accepted by eyes. Soft colors give rest to your eyes. Colors have mental and emotional effects. Cool colors include hues of green and blue. You must have noticed that the colors used in spa are mostly the pastel shades. This is because soft colors create a calm and peaceful environment. Also, during summers we feel annoyed to see very bright colors. This is because soft colors create serenity and neutrality. They encourage peace. Lighter shades of purple are known to relieve tension. It is suggested to use cool shades of blue and green in summers as they put less strain on your retina and hence help you relax your muscles. Colors like yellow and orange reflect more eyes and can cause irritation. During the summer time, these colors must be avoided as already our eyes are strained because of the bright sunlight.


Colors can change you energy levels, change your moods and affect your efficiency to work. Colors are also responsible for creating a certain ambiance like yellow or orange color seem very suitable for the meditation room. Vastu people have also created a color theory for the wall paints. Colors like light blue, pink and light green create a peaceful environment and hence are preferred for bedrooms. Bright summers have to be contrasted with soft pastel colors.

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