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How sincerely we work to select a unique kind of gifts for our loved ones, isn’t it? Then, how can we bear to make it look faceless like other gifts, by wrapping them with same kind of paper? Till date some of us might have not given the due attention towards wrapping up gifts, after all it is not the gift, but the feelings that matter the most. Right? But this is certainly not always true. Let’s face it what’s inside that box and outside matters equally.

So, if you have worked really hard on choosing the right kind of gift, but have run out of wrapping paper, ribbon, or boxes, you can still make a perfect gift wrap with the things lying around your house. Create the illusion of craftiness with some of these cost effective, yet simple DIY gift wrap tricks. Choose your favourite gift ideas from the following list:

Utilize the left over maps and newspapers– Are you left over with paper of all kinds – newspapers, old maps, or last week Sunday’s comic, why not recycle them as gift wrap? Take your gift wrapping to the next level by using these papers for something colourful and unexpected.christmas wrap cartoons

Scoop those potatoes to create your stamps– A nice handcraft can be done with something as commonplace as a potato. Carve your own stamps into potatoes, it may be given a shape of a star, cross, rain drops, circles, etc., dip them into paint and create your own crafty wrapping paper. The best part is, no drawing skills required!

Make a cone for small gifts- So what to do if your gift is a tiny one, and there is no box to put it into? Just make a cone using a gifting paper; decorate them with simple paper cuttings of butterflies/ flowers, or you can simply add your message on a piece and attach to it.potato-stamps

Stick your photos on a gift wrap – You have got options not to just personalize your gift items, but its wrapping too. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, stick your favourite photo to a gift box, so that it conveys all your feelings with it. It will create a great impact on the receiver’s mind.4018_101008_potatostamp_xl

Knot a ribbon from fabric scrap- Gift wraps are usually never done without a ribbon knot. And it is so much fun to make your own ribbons from fabric scrap. Just cut a strip of fabric, and tie it around a gift, cut it on the bias-the diagonal – to get a pretty pattern. Don’t worry about finishing anything off-leave it raw. Take a look, it still looks cute.

Embellish your gift wraps with feathers- Either collect the original feathers, or slice them out in different shapes from thin paper (so that it looks pretty much like original feather, winks!). Decorate your gift wraps with several coloured feathers.colorful-gift-boxes-party-hats-15252555

Give awesome effect with button knots- Now, something for those tiny tots gifts. When you are wrapping gifts for him, you can use colourful and big buttons to make a knot on gift.

So, these are cute, crafty, very-pinterest like, and useful. Put on your gloves, and get ready with scissors and glue to wrap that box. Feel creative, and be crafty.


Also share the idea that you liked the most, or you can also suggest if you have something better in your mind. We always welcome great ideas.

Till then, Happy Wrapping!

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