Time for some Treat..!!

Alright folks, here’s an interesting post that some of you might be anxiously awaiting! Okay, I realize you must be thinking “what are we up to?” Finally we have pooled some interesting ways to provide a beautiful makeover to your “dining table”. If you are finding reasons for doing that, you’ve got no escape!


Whether you’re hosting a party at your place or gathering, where do all the guests come around? It’s your dining table. What’s that one thing which has always provided a platform to your happy meal? It’s your dining table. And, the spot in the home that encourages you to celebrate your signature style? Yeah, its still your dining table. Aren’t the reasons enough? Oh! You are already convinced. This means we can rest these emotional dialogues, chuckles! Jokes apart, let’s grab these quick makeover ideas for your dining table:

  • Provide it a layer of protection- What is the main purpose of table clothing? It protects our table from dirt and scratches. But on top of it, they make it look nice, delighting our senses while having a meal. So let’s decorate our table top with stunning designs such as printed, designer, plain, hand knitted, sequined, handmade embroidery, checkered patterns etc. Make sure that you select the tablecloth that best complements the rest of your room décor.



  • Use candles for romantic ambiance- How often do you take your wife out on a romantic dinner date? Well, you can almost everyday celebrate a romantic dinner time with her by placing a simple add on to your dining table. Without any doubts, its the candles. You can place them on candle bras as an attractive center piece. Moreover, a votive can also be chosen as an adorable option!



  • Place table mats or coasters- The most desirable accessory for any dining table- of course a table mat. By any chance you feel that something distinctive is required for your table…coasters can be the option for you. Make your table look ravishing as you decorate it with bold coloured coasters, that come within your budget.

  • Use the natural objects- Natural objects can be used to decorate the dining table in an appealing way. If variety is the name of your game, try grouping flowers of the same family in an antique vase. They will smell great and spread freshness around. A beautiful bowl, full of fruits can also act as a great embellishment to the dining table.


  • Low Hanging Lights and Chandeliers: Who can deny the beauty of some low over-head lights and picturesque it creates. Hang some incandescent bulbs

Aren’t these ideas wonderful? They won’t cost you an arm or a leg, but will serve your purpose very well.

Try to work with these suggestions and stay tuned for many such brilliant home décor posts