Don’t you want to get a taste of these? Sure you do. The water crystals reeling down the surface of your glass. The chill you feel for a second when you touch the glass with your warm hands. You want that, don’t you? The tingle, that you cancelled the heat by gulping the largest gulp there is humanly possible. The cold liquid tottering down your throat, dry with calefaction. You see what I’m talking about. So, today I’m going to talk about the nutriment I stay alive on during summers!


Let us start with what I prefer drinking while avoiding possible heat strokes during this eerie summers. Starting with, the one and only, cold coffees. I avoid the clichéd coffee houses like Barista, CCD and etcetera. I go with the ambiance of the coffee place. The better the ambiance, the better the coffee. You can get a beautiful ambiance and free wifi any day of the year. But when it’s summer, all I need is a cold drink with a good couch, heavier pocket and couple of best friends! I live in Dehradun. There is Brewberrys Cafe down the street, which serves the most amazing Coffee crunch there is with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and crushed cookies on the top. It’s a cold beverage with an amazing taste and it can blow your mind away. I personally love that little place! You can find these kind of cafes, in your neighborhood, easily. All you need is a keen eye and a sun-baked throat.

Speaking of sun-baked, I’m droughty! I am going to grab a drink. Here, in my refrigerator lies some lemon squash, mixed fruit juice and a bottle of coca cola. I think I’ll go with COKE!!! (Typical)

coca-cola_glasses_drink_ice_brown_5389_3840x2160 iStock_000015244664Medium_Iced Coffee

Go get yourself a drink, now, and read on!


I, personally, don’t care about hot cooked meals. In summers, all i need is taste to calm my nerves. I’m a non-vegetarian. So, if you’re not, then, keep scrolling. But if you are, then, hop on!

I make this delicious salami-kebab mayo sandwich using little of any home spices and mostly sauces. I take two bread slices, toast them, put mustard sauce as a base, spread salamis, put mayo on top of it, a layer of chicken kebabs and tomato ketchup (as always) and viola! It’s irresistible.


Oh, I want to make one right now! But if you’re too lazy, then go to a cafe and order sandwiches, fries and coffee/coke!!!

As a vegetarian option, I make this fruit cream, simple and easy to make. I buy some fresh cream (dairy product) and pour it down in a bowl, put some sugar in it, small cut pieces of mango/apple/kiwi or all of it and tada!!! It’s ready. put it in a freezer for a while before eating it! And there is a lot more where that came from!

Eat up, people! It’s time to calm your nerves by making yourself delightful meals, because summer, as it is upon won’t spare us of it’s heat. So enjoy these foods while you can, because soon it’ll be winter, and when it is we’ll come up with some different ideas.

Till then, join me, won’t you?

Market these days is completely flooded with eco-friendly home decorative products. Hence, you can give a unique and gorgeous look to the interiors of your home, in an environment friendly manner. The Indian artisans are focusing to target the home decor industry and transform your home like never before. There is a huge demand of Decorative Items for Drawing Room among the home lovers. We have cut out the list of some of those handicraft products which can be ideally used for decorating a drawing room of the house. It is one of the most essential parts of our houses where the visitors of our house are entertained. Thus it becomes really important to incorporate such decor products which makes the environment lively and cozy at the same time. Apart from the essential furniture like sofa, table, chairs, recliners, there are some other interesting products that can accentuate the look of any drawing room. So no matter if a drawing room is big or small, it would still look great if it contains few of these drawing room decoration items. These are:

  • Glass crafts – We may take glass craft for granted but actually we have a long tradition of craftsmen and artists creating beautiful artistic work using glass. It works well with all the kind of themes, so you can install some glass craft pieces to blend with the theme that you choose. It will redefine the beauty and character of your theme. The great glass home decor products could be glass flower pots or glass trophies.

Glass crafts

  • Metal crafts – Metal crafts are a testimony to the brilliant craftsmanship of our artisans. Their intricate designs display the era of magnificence and grace. There are lot of metal crafted artworks available in the market. These may include things like candle chimneys, bases or stands of flower vases, t-lights etc.

Metal Craft

  • Crystal ware – The unique piece of crystal ware is just what you need to add some charm and pizazz to the center table of your drawing room. They add true elegance to any home decor.

Crystal Ware

  • Votive – Drawing room should be warm and pleasant in order to be inviting to the guests. Votive these days are in vogue. Votive look chic and a signature style of gracious living.

Votive lights

  • Photo frames – Decorating the big wall of the drawing room with the beautiful photos is an amazing idea. You not just embellish your drawing room with ordinary things, but you do it with your memories. So placement of beautiful photo frames will also add a touch of your personality to your drawing room decor.

Photo Frames

Hence bring in home these decorative items for drawing room, and give a complete makeover to your drawing room.

You will be amazed to see how some little things make big differences. Happy home decorating!

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You’d rather stay at home than go out in this fierce sun, wouldn’t you? Probably, the air conditioner, a bag of chips and a bottle of soda would make your day. Television always comes in combination, obviously. This, my friend, is called a lousy yet genius summer. Care to make it a little more comfy?

Heat, as we all are told by the great ninja minds of the world, is energy that tends to penetrate and transfer through objects like our windows or the walls. So, you can either go to Switzerland and make a heck of a holiday, or practice some genius ideas in your home décor.

The color black tends to absorb heat and so, the color white obviously reflects. Ever wonder why people wear light color fabrics during summers? It’s science. So, why not bring the color white in our homes outside of our wardrobe? The color black can also absorb light as it is an energy equivalent (hence, the color of the blinds in our cars). Use light colors for the window, black for blinds and you’re set.

The color maneuver

790182ff04666e2a_9020-w251-h251-b0-p0--tropical-outdoor-products home-design white-wooden-blinds-to-protect-a-piano-classy-room-from-sun-light-with-modern-design-theme-1024x723


Ever seen this?


I bet you have. This is a simple perpetual motion cycle for water that keeps the water from resting. It requires electricity to run. The most interesting thing about this waterfall is that water evaporates at a very small rate continuously, thus, keeping the atmosphere at a lower temperature and it would also look marvelous in the corner of your house.

Waterworks – Water works!

81FUa63kkIL._SY355_ garden-modern-interior-decoration-modern-interior-decoration-ideas-garden-waterfall-how-to-make-water-fountain-installation-in-garden-decor images (1) water-feature-outdoor-home water-tank-aquarium-modern-interiors-6outdoor-home-decorating-backyard-ideas-planters-4

The piano-fall is my favorite!

Fresh air – Cool air – Plants. So, why don’t you???

Plants help in refreshing the air around us and provide us with oxygen (probably why we’re still alive). Get small vases and pots for every corner and enjoy the fresh air. Here are some ideas!

Go green!

download eco-friendly-home-decorating-with-house-plants images (2) small-glass-aquarium-tank-plant-container-1

Now, this is awesome! Bring out the best in your house by bringing out the best of your house. All this Mastery NEEDS A HOME!

So, are you ready to bring home the pacific this summer?

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Chillers and Cheers!


In India, it is never a boring time. Every season has its own spice and reasons to cheer about. Every season has its specials and to be specific, specials in food. And for foodies, the market is never short of delicacies, nor is their tongue ever tired of tasting the same-old-mouth-watering-dish again and again every year.

There are many summer drinks and every year our food industry introduces another improvisation. But some favorites are perhaps too favorite to be replaced. Some of my favorite chillers of which I’ve never been bored include



Ridiculously, buttermilk tastes very different in different places. But my favorite flavor of it has a blend of one fourth proportion curd and three fourth proportion chilled water with a pinch of salt and cumin powder. Very finely chopped mint leaves would be like icing-on-cake.



It has always been served as a welcome drink on several occasions and also tastes refreshing. The availability of readymade powders has eased the preparation of it. Yet, a pinch of very finely chopped ginger and mint apart from the readymade powder enhances its flavors and tastes best when stored in mud pot. Can smell refreshing drink already? Hahah.



All the 80’s and 90’s people know how the tasty drink Rasna was the king-drink of all birthday parties and picnics. It still tastes equally best and if accompanied with a bag of hot chips, Oh! I have a heavenly snack ready already!



I bet you can already smell mangoes in air. It is only cause of mangoes that we are able to survive painful summers. Why do we get mangoes only in summer?! And for the people imitating the maaza ad, let me tell you, maaza is nothing in comparision to home made mango juice!



It is every day happening to argue for more of it with our siblings. Though cold coffee is an always preferred delicacy, sipping them is summer has its own relishing feeling. Isn’t it?

Relish them sip by sip and there you feel summer cooling down!! So what are your favourites?

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Summer delicacies


We prefer eating cool things in summers. I love mocktails, ice creams and fresh fruits. Icy drinks and chilled ice creams is all you need during the summers. We must eat the food items that cool down our body temperature during summer season. Most of the people prefer eating raw or less cooked food items. Naturally, many fruits grow in summers like watermelon, cucumber, mango, corn, peaches and green vegetables. Melons are the coolest and the healthiest food available in summers as suggested by the nutritionists. Bottle guard is another healthy food to be eaten in summers. A basket full of fresh fruits is all you need to decorate your dining area in summers.


Being an Indian, I love having lassi during summers. It is cool and yummy. Ice creams are a life saver during summers. You would see kids running around with ice creams during summers. Chilled food is all you need in summer season. People usually eat baked food items during the summers. Oily food stuff is avoided during this time. It is because of the warming effect of cooked food. Chilled deserts are a blessing in summers. Custard, fruit cream, ice creams, cakes etc. are mouthwatering in summers. You must prefer eating salads and green vegetables in the summers.

f6c0666f1a2117628989abd29d24bf77 download (1)

Watermelon juice is the best drink for the summer days. It helps you regulate the water level in the body. Also lemon water with mint is refreshing in hot summer days. Sea food is preferred by everybody during the vacation on beaches in summers. In summers we must eat fresh fruits and juices to avoid dehydration.

When we talk about summers, the first thing that comes to my mind is mangoes. I think everybody loves mangoes. We manage to have a lot of mango drinks in summers. Aam panna is my personal favorite. Also, it is known to improve the bowel movement in our body. It is one of the tastiest drinks of the summers. Summer food includes all the fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables with ice cream sundaes, chilled drinks and sea food.


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Does Creativity flourish in messy rooms?


“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”Albert Einstein once famously asked. From our birth, organization is something which is instilled in everyone of us. On the other hand, being messy is always condemned and regarded as a quick path to the failure. Obviously, what good can come from being disorganized, right? Well, if you think that way, you just might need to reshape your thinking. Just in case you don’t know that Both Albert Einstein and writer Roald Dahl famously worked at very messy desks. And it never seemed to cause any harm to those geniuses, isn’t it? Anyways, we are not here to support any pro-messy campaign (just in case you thought so), rather we are here to solve the great messy/tidy desk debate. Let’s find out, what is right?

Well, a recent study by a team of researchers at the University of Minnesota, tested the effects of different kinds of working environments on human behaviour. So, what did they do?

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 7.52.36 PM
First part of the study, they arranged one room to look particularly tidy, while the other one- messy and haphazard. Then people were invited in for a “consumer choice study.” The study participants were shown a menu for fruit smoothies. Actually, there were two versions of the menu. On one, smoothies with a “health boost” of added ingredients, were labeled “classic.” On the the other menu, those same smoothies were promoted as “new.”

And here’s how it played out: It was notices that when the people were in the neat room they picked the established product. Conversely, when they were in messy room, they were more likely to pick the new one. Hence, it was observed that disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, producing fresh insights. In contrast, orderly environments encouraged people to play safe.

Hence, the messy room worked its magic and scored one.

But, the researchers didn’t find it well enough to declare that messiness fosters creativity. So, this time they did one another experiment. They used the same tidy and messy rooms, only this time, they asked subjects to propose as many different uses for ping pong balls as possible. Then they had a team of independent judges rate the ideas based on the level of creativity. To the surprise of many, the people who spent their time in the mess, offered up five times more creative ideas, than those in the neat environment.

So what does this mean to you? By the way, we are not asking you to trash your desks, and hope for a touch of genius. Neither we mean that being messy will wake you another morning more creative. However, it is a great deal for people who are ‘messy by nature.’ Just in case you are not, why don’t you aim a fan at the papers on the desk, winks! Try it out one day, see what wonders you create, after.

An important tip: Beware of your room partner while attempting this. We won’t be liable for any of the damages your partner may create to you after the mess, hohohohoho!


As always, don’t forget to tell your side of a story. ‘How do you keep your table?’

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Summer colors-Paint the town


Birds flying high, sun in the sky, breeze drifting on by, fish in the sea, blossom on the tree, sleep in peace as it is a summer day. It is time of the year when nature opens up, when colors are painted on this beautiful canvas of summer sky.

Colors play a vital role in our everyday life from influencing our moods, to feelings and emotions. They also influence our actions and how we respond to people, situations and ideas.We often use terms like, ‘feeling blue’, ‘in a black mood’, ‘green with envy’ or ‘seeing red’, without really thinking of the meaning behind the words.We find some colors uplifting and exciting while others depressing and draining that’s the extent of impact colors have on us.

The colors of summer can be bright sky blue and other rich shades of blue. Olive and Mint green colors which help creating cheerful spaces.For calm and elegant spaces colors like mustard and grey play a key role.Rich color like tropical flowers or juicy mango reflect the color of summers.


Let’s try and look at colors from three different perspective Psychology, color schemes and Vastu


Color can change the way we perceive

On hot summer day its not just the Sun that can make one feel hotter warm colors, such as orange, red and yellow can cause people to think that its hot whereas Cool colors, such as blue, green and light purple cause people to think that it is cool inside.

color-and-marketing (1)

Linkage of Colors and emotions

Certain colors can activate different parts of our brains and this can vary according to belief’s of different cultures.Like the color red evokes the emotional response of rage/anger.Different hue of green can evoke response of admiration and acceptance.In Business scenario’s the color of meeting rooms , in household color of a kids bedroom can be linked on the basis of the emotional response required to be evoked.

Color orange is associated with good values,color pink is known for easing and calming people down no wonder it is linked with females who are known it have more patience (I can see a woman smiling behind the screen :p).

The chart below indicates the emotional response linked with different colors


Color Schemes

Complementary Color Scheme
Complementary colors are across from each other on the color wheel, such as red and green, blue and yellow, or purple and orange. Rooms with a complementary color scheme provide a clear separation of colors and often are more formal . So it is best used in area’s such as the living room or dining room.


Analogous Color Scheme
Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel, such as yellow and green, blue and violet, or red and orange. Rooms using an analogous color scheme typically are more causal, restful. This color scheme is best used in the more informal settings such as Family rooms, dens and bedrooms — places where you’re searching for rest and peace at the end of the day.



~As per Vastu color has healing power like color red can help simulate brain waves and help in curing heat and blood pressure related issues

~Color white on the ceiling is for attracting positive energy

~Bright colors are not considered very auspicious compared to the cool and light hues

~Study room in light orange can help simulate memory power

~Green helps in eliminating negative energy and help create a positive aura

One of the best things about color is that you can change wall color often. Think carefully before you paint your space about how you want people to feel and perform. Although the wall color can’t perform miracles, it can certainly give you a boost in the right direction.

So go paint the town in your color :)

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