Might of LIGHT


In most cases, the living room is the virtual heart of the house. Isn’t that the room where you take your break after a hard day’s work? Isn’t that the room in which you gather family and friends to chill after a hectic day?


You may not notice it , but the popularity of the living room has to do with its exceptional lighting.

It is the brightest, warmest and most inviting room in the entire house. However, we must take heed of the fact that it is more than just a light or a fixture that gives it its character.

Lighting you living room does not have to break the bank. The skill lies in pulling in all the elements of the room , illuminated by the light ,together to create a brighter look.

Walls, area rugs, furniture and even small accessories need to be accentuated with the correct and skillful use of lights.

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  • Nothing works better than natural light. Use the windows and skylights of the room to filter in natural light which will give the room an ethereal glow. Use your windows as your main light source in the daytime. Natural light can be used to its best advantage with frosted panels and sheer drapes that cast a soft glow around the room. You could optimize the effect with yellow or cream are rugs that catch the sunlight.


  • The combination of ambient and task lighting can works wonders for your living room. This is especially effective for a multi–purpose living room that many are. Instead of the usual overhead lamp, you could use wall mounted sconces. Decorative lamps placed strategically will enhance the magic of the room. Reading nooks, family TV and play areas can be accented with individual task lighting. You could, perhaps use an oriental rug to tie it all in.


  • Do not use overhead fixtures. Designers, these days are choosing to leave the ceilings bare and install lights along the wall instead. The traditional chandelier is no longer as sought after as it used to be. Wall lighting creates a much more subtle effect and can be very flattering. Floor lighting with a movable lamp can give you the flexibility of movement from point to point. If your living room is small, recessed lighting will give it a roomier look.


  • Highlight your favourite articles and Do you have a pet sculpture, a prized painting or a feature you would like to show off? Lights can be very effectively used to highlight the beautiful features of a room. Wall scones with a painting in the middle will create a dramatic effect. Spot lighting and rugs create an instant focal point.


  • Don’t forget the use of votive of different shapes and sizes to layer the light. They create a romantic ambiance and will make your room memorable and enchanting. Different lights are evocative of different moods and environments


  • According to Vastu, the living room should have bright lights as a source of energy. According to Vastu, chandeliers if used should not be in the centre of the room as it creates pressure through gravity. It must always be in the West. There should also be an abundance of natural light to channelize positive energies and make them available for to you.


  • Lights , if correctly used are a mood lifter. Bright lights and natural lights have been found to elevate moods. Votives set the tone for romance and candles balance our emotions.


Leaving you with a few home decor ideas, concepts..
Let your Creative Juices flow and have a Happy Decorating..!!



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