About Us

Home. Just the sound brings in a warm feeling, doesn’t it?

It is the sacred place which we spray with our laughs, paint with our lives and decorate with our love.

Enter Homesake.in, We bring to you hand-crafted products which, because they are made with such tender care and have a lot of thought put behind them, will add to the sparkle of your house. The appeal of our items lies in fact that no two pieces are exactly the same, that is, if you buy a product from Homesake, it is not just you who has picked the item, it is the item which has picked you in return too!

Our team comprises of Engineers, Management Professionals, Designers and philosophers, who have come together to make home decor more interesting through our thought-provoking designs! At Homesake, you will enjoy 100% buyer protection with our Quality Seal, Best Prices, Quick Shipping and Safe & Secure Transactions.