We all have grown up reading & watching the classic Snow White fable and dreaming to live in a beautiful woodland setting ad-mist an enchanting forest.
Well, those dreams may just be beautiful imaginations but the truth is that we have alienated ourselves from nature’s solitude and have this craving for the “good old days”, real or imagined.


Today, our lives come pre-assembled and pre-packaged. Lost in the world of mass-produced clothing, shoes, decor, artificial flowers and perfumes, we don’t even bother to notice as where these products come from? Who cares, right? As long as it’s convenient and cost-effective, all is good. Something, somewhere down the line has gone wrong, very wrong.

wood-final-3We seriously need to think again! The life we live these days, at its core, is disconnected with life’s very essence: rawness, simplicity, and rich vivacity.

So what can be done to get these charms back in our life? Well, getting back to the basics of life can be a good start, we just need to alter our buying habits and keep a check if those things are produced ethically & in an eco-friendly fashion.


Getting back to the snow white tale and its dreamland, let’s pick an objective from it. How about transforming our childhood dream into a reality?

We can think about, ummmm…. may be a rustic makeover to our home decor. Perfect! We have got many ideas to discuss. Let’s get started.

Here are list of some unique, yet fabulous countryside home décor:

RUSTIC LIGHTING– Working exhaustively hard throughout the day, don’t you think we deserve a night of relaxation? A glass of wine, under a candle’s soft gleam can actually eliminate stress. So, we can easily kill two birds with one stone. Not getting into literal meaning, we can turn the candles into a gorgeous home decor item by placing them in either rustic votive or rustic candle stands.


RUSTIC MEMORIES– We have always looked at photos as a record of memory, haven’t we? Let’s put some life to our flat photos, and present them in the true gallery style. Rustic photo-frame can give a noticeable style boost to our photos, while creating a dramatic impact on the décor of our home.


RUSTIC BASIN– It’s always valuable to have a lovely wooden bowl for salad! Nicely presented food is a lot more filling, from stomach to heart. Also, this primitive styled utensil will surely take us to the time of a bygone era. Think of it as a homemade time travel machine to leave your worries behind!


RUSTIC POT– The perfect centerpiece admist your rustic home décor. This rustic glam will accessorize your dining room table brimming with fine silk flower arrangement, or dry flowers and branches.


RUSTIC STRETCH– Although we don’t pay much heed to clocks as a home décor accessory, but clocks have now gone far beyond telling the time. Lets view it a little differently, a clock can be a big statement piece for our home décor. So why not go for a rustic clock, the natural looking clock will be the first thing that we will see in the morning, and feel happy to wake up with.


Our life cannot be more peaceful, and simpler than when we go rustic, right? To live a rustic life, is the life calm and composed, next to heaven. So share with us if you have any rustic experiences, or home décor items for rustic living. We will be happy to know!