What’s inside that box?


How sincerely we work to select a unique kind of gifts for our loved ones, isn’t it? Then, how can we bear to make it look faceless like other gifts, by wrapping them with same kind of paper? Till date some of us might have not given the due attention towards wrapping up gifts, after all it is not the gift, but the feelings that matter the most. Right? But this is certainly not always true. Let’s face it what’s inside that box and outside matters equally.

So, if you have worked really hard on choosing the right kind of gift, but have run out of wrapping paper, ribbon, or boxes, you can still make a perfect gift wrap with the things lying around your house. Create the illusion of craftiness with some of these cost effective, yet simple DIY gift wrap tricks. Choose your favourite gift ideas from the following list:

Utilize the left over maps and newspapers– Are you left over with paper of all kinds – newspapers, old maps, or last week Sunday’s comic, why not recycle them as gift wrap? Take your gift wrapping to the next level by using these papers for something colourful and unexpected.

Scoop those potatoes to create your stamps– A nice handcraft can be done with something as commonplace as a potato. Carve your own stamps into potatoes, it may be given a shape of a star, cross, rain drops, circles, etc., dip them into paint and create your own crafty wrapping paper. The best part is, no drawing skills required!

Make a cone for small gifts- So what to do if your gift is a tiny one, and there is no box to put it into? Just make a cone using a gifting paper; decorate them with simple paper cuttings of butterflies/ flowers, or you can simply add your message on a piece and attach to it.

Stick your photos on a gift wrap – You have got options not to just personalize your gift items, but its wrapping too. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, stick your favourite photo to a gift box, so that it conveys all your feelings with it. It will create a great impact on the receiver’s mind.

Knot a ribbon from fabric scrap- Gift wraps are usually never done without a ribbon knot. And it is so much fun to make your own ribbons from fabric scrap. Just cut a strip of fabric, and tie it around a gift, cut it on the bias-the diagonal – to get a pretty pattern. Don’t worry about finishing anything off-leave it raw. Take a look, it still looks cute.

Embellish your gift wraps with feathers- Either collect the original feathers, or slice them out in different shapes from thin paper (so that it looks pretty much like original feather, winks!). Decorate your gift wraps with several coloured feathers.

Give awesome effect with button knots- Now, something for those tiny tots gifts. When you are wrapping gifts for him, you can use colourful and big buttons to make a knot on gift.

So, these are cute, crafty, very-pinterest like, and useful. Put on your gloves, and get ready with scissors and glue to wrap that box. Feel creative, and be crafty.


Also share the idea that you liked the most, or you can also suggest if you have something better in your mind. We always welcome great ideas.

Till then, Happy Wrapping!

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Perfect Summer Evening!

Is the bright sun outside spoiling your kids holiday’s? Or your planned perfect date is getting ruined by the hot evenings?

images (1)

It’s time of the year again where Sun is shining bright but this should not be stopping you from spending a great time with your loved ones.

We have a wonderful place for you where you can create a perfect atmosphere for a great summer evening and that place is none other than your own house!

Slight changes in your home décor can make the required ambience

If you are planning to call your kids friend’s over a small snack party go with a floor seating by using bright color mats and cushions and place them closer to the balcony. It will not only make it a fun for the kids but will also help keeping your home cool and clean.

download (1)

How about a date you always wanted to plan with your partner? Rooftop ..candle light sounds perfect but do you think there is a crunch of space? How about placing two bean bags in the balcony and a small low height table to place you chilled wine and the rest will follow.


Be it an occasion or no occasion one can work on making summer evenings delightful by small changes in the house.

~Keep the blinds/curtains down all day to avoid sunlight to enter the house

download (2) download (3)

~ Use of indoor plants for a soothing green environment in the house

~Avoid using yellow lights as it adds to the heat in the air

download (4)

~ Use of aroma scents to make a pleasing fragrance in the house

~Allow the night air to enter the house and cool it up

So a perfect evening is just couple of steps away!


Stay cool and stay tuned!

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Summer color splash


Summers are colorful and vibrant. Cool colors are the gist of the summers. Summer colors are tropical, natural and soft. We usually use various shades of blue, lavender, yellow and other pastel shades. Summers are bright so the colors we use must be neutral to create a color balance. Bright colors are not suggested for summers. We must always prefer colors which are not disturbing to our eyes. Bright colors like orange and red are definitely not a good choice for the summers. Also the darker shades are not preferred. On the bright summer days we usually prefer wearing light shades. Our house also requires the same. Color balance is one of the principles of has to be kept in mind before we decide the colors for the home décor. Season has a great effect on the choice of colors. So, the color of the curtains, walls and the decorative items also gets affected. You may love to stay in a dark room in winters but the same room may irritate you in summers.


Human eye requires a balance. Coming back to home after a tiring sunny day and entering into a place full of bright things is not accepted by eyes. Soft colors give rest to your eyes. Colors have mental and emotional effects. Cool colors include hues of green and blue. You must have noticed that the colors used in spa are mostly the pastel shades. This is because soft colors create a calm and peaceful environment. Also, during summers we feel annoyed to see very bright colors. This is because soft colors create serenity and neutrality. They encourage peace. Lighter shades of purple are known to relieve tension. It is suggested to use cool shades of blue and green in summers as they put less strain on your retina and hence help you relax your muscles. Colors like yellow and orange reflect more eyes and can cause irritation. During the summer time, these colors must be avoided as already our eyes are strained because of the bright sunlight.


Colors can change you energy levels, change your moods and affect your efficiency to work. Colors are also responsible for creating a certain ambiance like yellow or orange color seem very suitable for the meditation room. Vastu people have also created a color theory for the wall paints. Colors like light blue, pink and light green create a peaceful environment and hence are preferred for bedrooms. Bright summers have to be contrasted with soft pastel colors.

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If home is to be defined in the best way, Michael J. Rosen’s quote is just so beautiful: “Home is the place that goes where you go, yet it welcomes you upon your return. Like a dog overjoyed at the door. We’ve missed you is what you hear, no matter how long you’ve been gone.”

Your home is something that exemplifies who you are. Now, before you continue with this article, sincerely take a look at your dwelling place. Is it the way you wanted it to be? If no, you should definitely read this article, and if it’s yes… good job done! But you must still read the forthcoming to make sure that your choice is in sync with the latest home styling trends. And of course, there’s no harm in taking good suggestions if they come for free. Isn’t it? So, here are the 7 quick tips for home decoration which will help you to transform your house into ‘your home:’

You do not need to wait for power failure to light up the candles


Remember the old times when keeping candles at the right place was just so necessary. Although inverters have made your life much easier, sometimes it is necessary to give your eyes a rest from flashy artificial lights. After a long day, lighting up the candles in ethereal tea light candle stands can add so much warmth to your place, helping you to forget all the hardships you have gone through the entire day. So, why not create your own oasis complete with candle lights.

Flowers will bring new colors to your home


You don’t have to be a gifted gardener to enjoy the freshness of lovely flowers! All you need to do is grab a nicely decorated flower pot for the empty corners of your place. As they say that flowers bloom hopes, keep your favourite flowers around, for it is the different colours that make our life interesting. On that note, different people too, winks!
Throw pillows are not such useless objects


Okay, you have used those cushions plenty of times to hit your silly fellows. But you can’t be so harsh on them every time! Go for designer and colorful throw pillows this time, so that their beauty inspires you to just give life, and strength of comfort to your neutral furniture, for throw pillows can that much needed dash of colour.

Embrace the feel of a luxurious lifestyle


Since you dream to be the owner of a king’s lifestyle, you need to start with the interiors of your house! Crystal wares can lend the royal and vintage look to your house. So you deserve such a luxurious feel for you are the king of your house.
What does Vastu says about mirrors?


If placed in right direction and place, Vastu suggests the mirrors are capable of attracting positive energies, and sucking up all negativities. The most important thing is that it should not have any distortions. So decorate the big empty walls of your home with beautiful square and rectangular mirrors which will also provide room for natural light.
Men’s sweetest friends are memories

Your photographs are your works of art, dress up the walls of your house with photo frames featuring your favourite photographs. Did you ever dream that the gilded antique photo frames could make your wall look so new?
Bring new life to your old dining table

The art and craft materials are sure to bring added interest to your home decor. The exotic handcrafted coasters are so trendy, that you might just save them to revive the beauty of your old dining table.

So next time when you get 2-3 days holiday, you know it’s time to bring your creative talent into action. You can also share with us if something interesting might just strike you in the midst of giving a new life to your house.


Are you looking for the perfect living room dividers? What if you are not fond of a solid wall? No problem. There are many other ways to create a partition in the living space, and also add layering and protect privacy. Here we have collected for you the coolest room dividers:


  • Storage Rack- Room dividers with shelves are a smart way to redesign living spaces and separate living and working spaces. Modern and elegant storage racks allow adding beautiful decorations to interiors and using stash spaces for creative displays. Do you know what the best thing about them is? Storage racks are among the lightest room dividers, they do not make the space look crowded, and also they do not block the light.


  • Sliding Door- do you quarrel about the use of living space and the working space? Well and truly over. We have found the fitting solution for any room. Yes, we are talking about sliding doors! The sliding doors serve as practical room dividers. You can open and close them just according to your needs: turning one room into two, and then into one again.


  • Hollow out screen – Does your living room has poor lighting? Hollow out carved screen is the perfect solution in that case. Hollow out screen not only play the role of partitioning, but also can allow more light into the vestibule or the living room.


  • Decorative table-Small table with a small table top can act very well as a kind of furniture partitioning. It will not occupy much space, but have good partition effect. The decorative tables provide a finished partition, especially between the living room and vestibule.


  • Glass- So if you love glass decorations, you can use them as home dividers as well. Glass is the most commonly used partition material. The decoration effect and light transmission of glass is excellent. Its color varies under different lighting. Hence, it is a beautiful way of partitioning the living room.


Hence adopt these cool ideas instead of installing walls for partitioning purposes, for it is easier to move and dismantle partitions, whereas walls are impossible to change!

You can share with us about your favorite partitioning ideas. Stay tuned with us, next we have got the tips for bedroom partitions!

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We all have grown up reading & watching the classic Snow White fable and dreaming to live in a beautiful woodland setting ad-mist an enchanting forest.
Well, those dreams may just be beautiful imaginations but the truth is that we have alienated ourselves from nature’s solitude and have this craving for the “good old days”, real or imagined.


Today, our lives come pre-assembled and pre-packaged. Lost in the world of mass-produced clothing, shoes, decor, artificial flowers and perfumes, we don’t even bother to notice as where these products come from? Who cares, right? As long as it’s convenient and cost-effective, all is good. Something, somewhere down the line has gone wrong, very wrong.

wood-final-3We seriously need to think again! The life we live these days, at its core, is disconnected with life’s very essence: rawness, simplicity, and rich vivacity.

So what can be done to get these charms back in our life? Well, getting back to the basics of life can be a good start, we just need to alter our buying habits and keep a check if those things are produced ethically & in an eco-friendly fashion.


Getting back to the snow white tale and its dreamland, let’s pick an objective from it. How about transforming our childhood dream into a reality?

We can think about, ummmm…. may be a rustic makeover to our home decor. Perfect! We have got many ideas to discuss. Let’s get started.

Here are list of some unique, yet fabulous countryside home décor:

RUSTIC LIGHTING– Working exhaustively hard throughout the day, don’t you think we deserve a night of relaxation? A glass of wine, under a candle’s soft gleam can actually eliminate stress. So, we can easily kill two birds with one stone. Not getting into literal meaning, we can turn the candles into a gorgeous home decor item by placing them in either rustic votive or rustic candle stands.


RUSTIC MEMORIES– We have always looked at photos as a record of memory, haven’t we? Let’s put some life to our flat photos, and present them in the true gallery style. Rustic photo-frame can give a noticeable style boost to our photos, while creating a dramatic impact on the décor of our home.


RUSTIC BASIN– It’s always valuable to have a lovely wooden bowl for salad! Nicely presented food is a lot more filling, from stomach to heart. Also, this primitive styled utensil will surely take us to the time of a bygone era. Think of it as a homemade time travel machine to leave your worries behind!


RUSTIC POT– The perfect centerpiece admist your rustic home décor. This rustic glam will accessorize your dining room table brimming with fine silk flower arrangement, or dry flowers and branches.


RUSTIC STRETCH– Although we don’t pay much heed to clocks as a home décor accessory, but clocks have now gone far beyond telling the time. Lets view it a little differently, a clock can be a big statement piece for our home décor. So why not go for a rustic clock, the natural looking clock will be the first thing that we will see in the morning, and feel happy to wake up with.


Our life cannot be more peaceful, and simpler than when we go rustic, right? To live a rustic life, is the life calm and composed, next to heaven. So share with us if you have any rustic experiences, or home décor items for rustic living. We will be happy to know!

Footprints in the Sand of Time


The rat race that our life has become leaves not much room for us to savor precious moments of our life. We struggle to remember what we did last weekend, when did we meet our closest friends or who all attended that last party you threw for your birthday. Sometimes, we remember a few details but feel as if there was more to it than we remember and how good it would be to revisit those times and re-live the moments which define us.

Well, there’s a way out. The good old practice of capturing & printing those countless pictures which we invariably take with our handhelds & Digicams. Those lovely pictures will always be a beautiful reminder of the cheerful times that you have spent with your loved ones. Undoubtedly, photos are an invaluable treasure of our happy moments. So, why not preserve them?


They say, “Things end, but memories last forever.” Each of those shots in your digital devices are a piece of your artwork. They are worth respect and a beautiful life. So, let’s just frame them! Frames are the “Cinderellas” of the art world; encapsulating the timeless bits of life. Before your photographs get into bad shape, or decay in digital format, just print them out, frame them and dedicate them to the beautiful walls of your house.

In a recent seminar, Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf gave a talk stating that the vast amounts of digital information may soon be lost in a new digital ‘dark age.’ Unless some new steps are taken, those digital versions may not always retain their crisp resolution, and may even be worse than the artifacts we have digitized. We don’t want it to happen to our priceless photographs, right?

So even if we have an ever increasing number of pictures, and we can’t frame them all (there are other home decors available as well), we can pick the best ones. The pictures that you never want to lose or the ones that are very close to your heart can be chosen to be displayed in frames and shared with family and friends.



With beautiful embellishments, and attractive borders, photo frames provide a rigid structure to our photographs, and hold the entire package together. Our crazy love for the photographs have given rise to so many alluring frames which are readily available in the market. The wooden photo frames, intricately designed metal photo frames, or the crystal photo frames, looking out for a story to narrate!

Whether it is your debut parental experience, or a taste of your own childhood memories, tread softly because you will be preserving footprints in the sands of time!